words in the wind

Words in the wind

by Robbo Bennetts
first published in the VCE Outdoor Education Teacher Resource Kit, Volume 1, Victorian Outdoor Education Association, Melbourne, 1994

Most of us are more or less literate.  We can read and write from an early age. In our society, words have power. The ability to produce and interpret complex tracts of words is a real source of power.

what old teachers do 1 sm

What old teachers do before they lay down and die

by Robbo Bennetts
first published First published in the Age, 19 May 2014 under the title of "Outback teaching, a tough road to travel."

Tired. Burnt out, really. Old school. High school. A chalker and talker. Not an interactive whiteboarder. I was like a 1985 VK Holden Commodore, no longer stylish, no longer able to compete with some cute, fun and versatile late-model Toyota Yaris or new, small, sexy Audi. Which is why I hauled my sorry chassis up to the Top End last year. One last ride before being towed to the paddock.

cuthbert siblings sm

CRT dreaming

by Robbo Bennetts
first published here on 1 October 2009

Flying home from work the other day, looking down on the shagpile woodland and vast sleeping waterways of Kakadu, I thought ... emergency teaching can be agonising; it can be humiliating; it can be dead boring, but just sometimes, it can be fun.