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Footprints outdoor education workbook and

The colonisation of Australia, as told by a nine-year-old in 1960.

footprints cover  Title  Footprints, outdoor education workbook
First Published  2003

Footprints comprises 90 original discrete blackline master work-sheets that cover safety in the outdoors, care of the natural environment, respect for the First Australians and a wide range of hard skills. Each worksheet contains within it sufficient information for students to complete the tasks that are set. The workbook is pitched at Year 9 or 10 level, but caters for a range of ability groups. The tasks are designed to be both educational and fun.

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The Colonisation of Australia    Title The Colonisation of Australia
First Published October 2020

The Colonisation of Australia is a record of what was taught in a small-town Victorian primary school sixty years ago about the arrival of the first European explorers and settlers, and what they saw when they got here.

Included are over 50 scanned pages of the author’s Grade 5 and 6 Social Studies workbooks.

This book not only paints a picture of what it was like growing up in the 1950s, but it provides a valuable contribution to our knowledge about the institutional practices of the state school system back then.

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